Exporting live animals is torture, and the UK just scrapped a bill to limit it

The UK Just Scrapped a Landmark Animal Rights Bill

Animal rights advocates were thrilled when the UK announced an amazing new animal rights bill. The bill planned to ban live animal exports altogether, introduce new powers to help tackle puppy smuggling, and ban having primates as pets. But rather than making history and standing up for animal rights, Parliament dropped the bill when it was just hours away from being passed. We cannot accept this cowardice from UK legislators. It is time the bill be reintroduced and the government actually protects animals!

Sign now to tell Mark Spencer to reintroduce this important bill to protect animals!

Exporting live animals is effectively torture, and nearly 2 billion animals are exported from one country to another every year. The process involves shoving terrified, disoriented animals onto overcrowded ships and trucks — which they must endure for days or even weeks at a time. Vessels are often poorly insulated, and temperatures can range from extreme freezing cold to blistering heat. Many do not survive the agonizing journey. We must keep this live animal export ban a legislative priority!

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