Extinction tried to claim this tiny, adorable animal, but it survived

The Tiny Somali Elephant Shrew Defied Extinction. Demand Scientists Work to Keep It That Way!

Against all odds, the Somali elephant shrew — once declared extinct to due data deficiency — has been spotted in Djibouti! After hearing about the miraculous sighting that seemed to signal that the Somali elephant shrew was back from the dead, a handful of researchers decided to investigate these small mammals in the Horn of Africa. By offering sweet peanut butter treats to the elephant shrews, researchers were able to spot 12 of them living happily together.

This research project was a great start, but far more information is needed in order to protect them and their vital contribution to our world’s biodiversity. Now, the IUCN must invest time and resources into further examining the Somali elephant shrew to make sure they, and other animals like them, are fully protected from extinction. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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