Families dropped off pets at this kennel, never to be seen again

A Woman Left 11 Dogs To Die in an Unlicensed Boarding Facility

When local community members in Bakersfield, California called the authorities to report a foul smell coming from three homes housing an animal kennel business, they had no idea what to expect. Animal control and the police department found a devastating scene. Eleven dogs were dead and 29 others were suffering from neglect. Authorities found no remaining food or water, and visible “signs of neglect.” Some of the dead dogs were still locked in cages, where they presumably starved or dehydrated to death. One of the buildings even appeared to be abandoned. It turns out the woman’s boarding and training business wasn’t even licensed — which made it illegal.

Yet this woman somehow managed to convince many unassuming pet owners that her kennel operation was normal and legitimate, and that their animals would be safe staying there. Each of these animals had homes, likely with loving families, and this business owner clearly took advantage of them. Luckily, the majority of the dogs at the boarding facilities survived and authorities returned many to their original owners, thanks to microchips. Bakersfield can never allow this kind of a tragedy to happen again — and that means implementing better monitoring and protocols for illegal kennel operations. Sign the petition to tell Bakersfield Police and Bakersfield Animal Control that they must put policies in place to better identify illegal kennel operations!

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