February 2012 Transport

26/02/12 1100 The February 2012 transport finally ended at about 6pm last night when Chris and Mick handed Odin the dog over to his very happy adoptant. I am already planning for the next one 16.03!
25/02/12 1400: All the cats are now off the transport and many by now will already be with their adoptants or in their foster homes. Well done to Chris and Mick for running a great on-time transport again, and for managing to get 33 (27 small and 6 large) cat boxes in the van as well as a large cage for 2 dogs. Because 6 of the cat boxes had 2 passengers, we have managed to transport 39 cats this trip. Luna didn’t travel as it was decided at the last minute that the box was too small for 2 cats, and the Angeles rescue only had 3 small size boxes on this transport. She will now travel 16.03. 30 of these cats are AlStrays cats so thank you to all the cat rescues I work with for preparing these cats for transport, and particularly to Montse, who sent 16 cats this trip and does a fantastic job. 35 of the cats were going to Katzenherzen. Thankyou again to the brilliant girls in Germany. This was our 6th trip in the Mori Waggon and with regular, reliable transport now sorted we really are a great team!!!

25/02/12: The transport arrived at the first stop point in Bruchsal about 10mins ago. It is always great news to know that Chris, Mick and the cats and dogs have traveled safely. They will be met katzenherzen girls, volunteers, and adoptants, and about half of the cats and Bowie will leave the transport there this morning. Saturday is the day that I can start to relax and Katzenherzen sets into motion for the final stage of getting our cats to their homes.
24/02/12: At 6am this morning the latest transport to Germany left Almerimar with its first 6 passengers and 2 drivers (Mick and Chris) on board. This is going to be a tight one as we have 40 cats and 1 dog travelling to Germanay and a 2nd dog then going on to the UK. I was up early to box Lucky, Daisy, Lou Lou, Poppy, Bob and Kenzo, all travelling to new homes in Germany because their English owners cannot keep them any more. Next stop was Almeria where 23 more cats got on board, mostly Almeria street kittens and cats, rescued before they died. Among them are Pandora (abandoned in Berja) and Missy (abandoned in Mojacar), and Galileo (abandoned in Almeria, and then shot and blinded in one eye). Then we have Iggy, Greta, Merlin, A’Artagnan, Lili, Lotto, Trino, Vito, Tina, Francis B, Dina, Descartes, Foreman, Friend and Socrates, also all from Montse’s cats rescue, AND Candy, Maco, Ros, Molly and Symbad from the Alondra Dupont protectora.

As I write at Los Gallardos Camping, Georgiana and Golly Berry (from Cobdar) will be joining the transport, along with Taj, Mica and Fuscous (from Sorbas), and Milo (left behind in an empty house in Los Gallardos), AND Bowie the Husky cross puppy, rescued injured from the street by a lovely Spanish girl Julia. The final stop is near Murcia where 5 more cats from Angeles’s rescue, Ringo, Luna, Bruki, Aklis and Nusca, will be loaded, and Odin the dog who has to go all the way to England.

I wish them and their drivers a safe and hopefully not too uncomfortable journey, as always, and hand them over to the safe hands of Katzenherzen, and another German organisation who are re-homing the 5 from Murcia. My job for the 30 AlStrays cats is done, and I am now concentrating on the next transport in just 3 weeks time, and the cats still at risk on the streets that need to come in before then.

Notes From The Original Transport Page For Reference

Friday 24th February 2012

22nd February: have done the transport lay out which you can download with 27 small boxes, 6 large boxes and a large dog cage. As stated before please ensure you stick EXACTLY to the size of box you have been allocated as with this configuration we have no flexibility at all and rather than risk a cat to be loaded later on the trip if your box doesn’t fit in the space allocated to you then the cat will not be loaded. No exceptions! IF you stick to the size specified then there wont be a problem for anybody, and more importantly any cat, at all.

21st February: transport list is closed at 33 cats and 2 dogs.

The return schedule looks like it will be:

– depart Stoke 10am on Monday
– pick up dog blanket donations in Dorking 2pm
– catch 5pm Shuttle
– drop donations off in Jaen at 2pm on Tuesday
– back to Almerimar by 5pm

10th February: it looks like IF we can get people to stick to the EXACT size boxes then we can fit an amazing: 6 large cat boxes, 1 large dog cage, and 28 small boxes.

We WILL be driving back via Jaen to deliver some dog blankets and coats that have been donated.

10th February: think we have come up with a long term layout that will give us 1 large dog cage capable of taking two large dogs or 3 to 4 smaller dogs, 6 large cat boxes and 26 small cat boxes which means transports can take 38 cats plus the dogs if two cats go in each large cat box. Will be working on the Van with Mick today to check this out and put in the new floor hooks etc that are required for this new flexible configuration.

This means that it is absolute MUST that people adhere 100% to the size of cat box they are allocated, and stick 100% to the dimensions on this page.

Please note as well that with the revised loading process all you need to do is label your box with your code i.e. MR01 (ask if you need clarification) IF you want us to track your box, and to stick a label onto the box with the cats name. We wont be using any stickers on the boxes or envelopes in future. We will provide an envelope for each passport that will have details of the photos and site etc, so if you need a larger than regular envelope please let us now in advance. IF you are sending medicines with the cats please ensure that they are in separate bags clearly labelled with the cats name.

1st February: spent a couple of hours yesterday looking at configurations and for this transport we are able to travel with 6 large cat boxes, two dog flight boxes and 24 small cat boxes! At the moment the list is FULL. Please note that it is VITAL that your box sizes do not exceed the sizes we state below as anything bigger will mess up the whole configuration and we will have no option other than to leave the box and cat behind which we REALLY don’t want to do.

To see which cats are on the transport check out the link to the Google Spreadsheet below.

25th January: We have our first dog confirmed to be picked up from Murcia and dropped off at the M20 Junction 11 Service Station (see details here)

Current planned schedule for pick up and drop off:

Friday 24th February
0600: depart Almerimar (Almerimar to Almeria 45 km, 35 mins driving time)
0630: arrive Almeria
0700: depart Almeria (Almeria to Los Gallardos 82 km, 50 mins driving time)
0745: arrive Los Gallardos
0830: depart Los Gallardos (Los Gallardos to Murcia 155 km, 1.30 hours driving time)
1000: arrive Murcia (Repsol Santomera Service Station J800 A7/E15)
1100: depart Murcia (Murcia to Bruchsal 1780 km, 15.40 hours driving)

Saturday 25th February
0730: arrive Bruchsal (Bruchsal to Wallau 124 km, 1.15 hours driving time)
0800: depart Bruchsal
0930: arrive Wallau
1030: depart Wallau (Wallau to Calais 575 km, 5.10 hours driving time)
1600: arrive Calais
1700: shuttle to UK
1700: arrive UK (Shuttle to J11 9km, 9 mins driving time)
1715: arrive Folkestone Service Station M20 J11
1730: depart Service Station (Service Station to Stoke 365 km, 3.30 hours driving time)
2100: arrive Stoke on Trent.

19th January: We have started the spreadsheet for the next transport which can access here.

We are making a few slight alterations to the process and time for future trips. We plan to leave Almerimar at 6am and drive through non stop to the first drop off at Bruchsal as we did in January. This means the cats will be in the van for less time. We are also going to streamline the loading process which is more of an internal thing. All we will require from people will be the identifier for the box e.g. MR01 and the name of the cat so we can track the box once it is in Germany. People will need to label the box with the cats name and provide the passport.

Please note though that boxes MUST NOT be any bigger than those on this page . However tempting it is to sneak in a bigger box this causes us real problems as we have an optimum layout that we must achieve if we are going to cover the costs of the transport, and if we can’t load your box because it is too big then we will have no option other than to leave the box and the cat with you.

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