January 2012 Transport

Update 10:15: All Wallau cats unloaded. All fine. Transport is now heading for UK with 2 cats (for Holland) and 2 dogs. My AlStrays cats have all been delivered to Katzenherzen and will now be on their way by car to their foster homes and adopt ants. I await more news.
14/01/12: All the Bruchsal cats are now off the transport, including Algernon and Peter. All is fine. Chris was very sad to say goodbye to Algie, but we have given him a new life off the streets and we know that everyone will love him!
09:50am Update: Transport is waiting for one last dog passenger at the Murcia stop who has gone to the wrong service station! but all 40 cats are ‘snuggly’ on board!
13/01/11: The first transport of 2012 left Almerimar at 4.30am with 2 very special cats on board, Peter and Algernon. About now Chris will be picking up Evie and Serafina (found as tiny kittens in Vicar), and 2 cats from another rescue just up in the hills. Then it is on the Almeria to pick up Pirata and Becka from the Alondra Dupont protectora, and 14 cats from Montse, whom I work closely with: Bud & Donka are 2010 rescue kittens, Maou is now 6 and found Montse’s doorstep some 4 years ago, hungry and alone. Simba & Leo were actually born in Montse’s house, Mofi and Fifi were rescued as tinies by Julia near Mojacar, Atos, Aramis, Portos, Daiki, Kike and Alfred were all rescued by Montse as very sick tiny kittens, and Grison turned up near Montse’s house also virtually starving. Los Gallardos is the next stop where, Scooter (born at the home of Susan), Shadow (bottle fed by Matt), 2 cats from the Sananimal sanctuary near Lorca, and 6 cats from PAWs Mojacar (Zoe, Candy, Debra, Josie, Bianca and Sofia) will join the transport. Murcia is the last pickup for the final 7 cats and 3 dogs, 2 of whom will stay on the transport to the UK.

In total we will have 40 cats and 3 dogs on board, our biggest transport to date. 41 of these are street animals, and all were tiny or distressed and at risk when rescued. They now have the chance of safe and secure lives. Of these, 27 are AlStrays cats, benefiting from our re-homing program. A big thank you to everyone who has helped any of these animals in any way, and to Chris and Mick, as always for driving. My job for the 27 is now done, and they will all be handed over into the safe hands of the Katzenherzen girls early tomorrow morning. I wish them all a safe and not too unpleasant journey!and happy and healthy lives!

12th January: 40 cats and 3 dogs confirmed and the list is closed!!! Schedule is as below and the documents with transport boxes and places etc are all up to date.

11th January: subject to a couple of house visits this evening to confirm adoptants we have 38 cats and 3 dogs on the transport. We also have more pick up points and drop off points than ever:

Friday 13th.
4.30am Depart Almerimar
4.45am Arrive Mojanera
5.00am Depart Mojanera
5.30am Arrive Almeria
6.15am Depart Almeria
7.00am Arrive Los Gallardos
7.45am Depart Los Gallardos
9.15am Arrive Murcia

7.30am Arrive Bruchsal
8.15am Depart Bruchsal
9.30am Arrive Wallau
10.30am Depart Wallau
1.30pm Arrive Lummen
2.00pm Depart Lummen
4.45pm Arrive Shuttle
5.55pm Arrive Folkstone
8.00pm Arrive J8a M40
8.30pm Depart J8a M40
10.15pm Arrive Stone

If people can be at the pick up and drop off points 15 minutes earlier than above that will be great because if we can make up a small amount of time at each stop it really helps.

I will update the drop offs after Wallau when I leave Wallau and when I am booked onto the Shuttle with more precise ETA’s.

As ever keep an eye on the site on Twitter in the Sidebar for all the latest updates from the journey.

If you want to see the Stacking Layout for the van then you can download it here and the details of the transport document on Google Docs is here.

4th January: the transport is pretty much full now with three dogs being taken from Murcia, two to the UK and one to Berlin.

29th December: Algie has a foster home!!! Next transport is Friday 13th January. Depart Almerimar at 4.30am. Will confirm pick up points and time asap. Mick driving with me again and we are heading over to the UK as ‘usual’ straight after the drop off at Wallau, and will return on the Monday 15th, arriving in Almerimar mid afternoon on the 16th.

26th December: Hopefully Algie has a foster home in which case we are going to travel a lot earlier as this guys deserves to be re-homed as soon as possible. It looks like we will have enough cats re-homed for a smaller transport on the 6th or 13th January.

The next transport is scheduled for Friday 3rd February 2012 with Mick once again kindly offering his services as co-driver.

Which cats are going, their box number, pick up and drop off will all be entered onto the Transport Boxes as and when we know so please keep checking it.

The box layout for the van will be available for download on the Documents & Photos page once it is complete.

Current schedule is:

Friday 3rd February
4.30am Depart Almerimar
5.00am Arrive Almeria
5.45am Depart Almeria
6.30am Arrive Los Gallardos
7.30am Depart Los Gallardos

Saturday 4th February
7.30am Arrive at Bruchsal
8.15am Depart Bruchsal
9.30am Arrive Wallau
10.30am Depart Wallau

3 thoughts on “January 2012 Transport

  1. Elke Keul

    Great job!
    special thanks to Sandra for perfect the organisation of the trip and to Chris and his co-driver!!

  2. Jan Garvie

    Hi Chris, had a call from Carol who you helped with dog transport, she firstly thanked me for putting her in touch with you but secondly praised your service, said dog was fine and everyone pleased. Great recommendation eh Jan

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