First Pet Photos

Thought it would be fun to post the first photos we took of each of our pets.

These are literally the first photos I have of each of them, so they may not be the ‘best’ in terms of quality, but they are the ‘best’ in terms of meaning as for each of them it meant that they were going to be safe, sound and loved for the rest of their lives.


Moreno – having carried him into the house the first thing he did was settle in my arms and have a snuggle. He still does this to this day, and I still have the sweater that he made his own that very first night.

Saidi First Pictures

Saidi – couple days post sterilisation and blood test hence the patch under her chin, this is her venturing out onto the balcony.


Orla – skin and bone when Sands brought her back from the rescue centre


Oscar – a very little Oscar wondering what it is all about as he explores the TV Room where he stayed for the first few nights


Fleur – a badly injured Fleur just needed to be loved and cared for until she had her operation.


Dusky – straight from the beach to the food bowl on the balcony


Kasper – curled up in Sands hand exhausted but safe


Sophie – straight from the beach, didn’t take her long to find the cat tree!


Teo – just caught him in the street and put him in the Van before going straight to the Vet


Tigra – Sands first meeting with her in the rescue where she fell in love with her!

You can see more current photos of our pets here

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