First Rescue Of 2009

Yesterday Pam saw a beautiful little Siamese/Persian cross kitten that appeared to have been abandoned, on the rocks with the other stray cats. She said that he was really friendly, was very hungry, rushing from bowl to bowl for food, and appeared to have a bad cold. It seems that our priorities in trying to help the stray cats here will always change, depending on which animal appears to be the most vulnerable at any one time, OR the most likely to be successfully re-homed. This little kitten seemed to meet both criteria, AND, as the weather was freezing and wet, and Annie had kindly agreed to take him in for a few days, we picked him up yesterday afternoon.

All seemed well; he was very loving and sweet and totally comfortable with people. It was when we started to put food down that we noticed a BIG problem. The poor little thing is currently unable to open his mouth properly to eat! He is therefore now back with Pam whilst we try and get him sorted out.

Begona, our vet, couldn’t open his mouth either for a proper look; she thinks he has some kind of infection in the muscle causing his jaw to lock. He had one treatment last night, and we take him back again later. There is little sign of improvement yet but we are hopeful as, apart from this, he appears a very healthy little chap. In the meantime we are feeding him by syringe a lovely concoction of pate, BabyCat biscuits and milk, all liquidised into a smoothie. Some is going in and a lot is coming out again all over us! We have also decided that he probably hasn’t got a cold, as what is coming out of his poor little nose is food! As he cannot open his mouth to eat properly, when he laps he is too close to the food, and the liquid is going up his nose as well, which then results in projectile sneezing.

This is sweet and comical in a way but also very worrying how desperate he is to eat, and I really hope we can sort this fast for him.

We are wondering if this has been an ongoing problem and one of the reasons why he has been abandoned. He is small enough to have been recently weaned and would have had no problem feeding and sucking from his mother. Anyway it never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be here, abandoning defenseless animals, and as i have written before, I worry that things may get worse in the coming months as people everywhere struggle financially. It is not that it costs a huge amount to feed a cat, but as soon as an animal becomes ill, vet bills I am sure can become a huge problem.

As I have also written before, whilst I want to try and help as many of the strays animals here as I can, the ones I feel most sorry for are the tame ones who are actually abandoned pets. This is definitely what people need to try and remember when they see off hungry strays. The feral cats who are born wild are far better able to look after themselves that a dumped pet cat, who will also be missing human contact and desperately looking for love and affection.

Only this afternoon I met the latest stray cat looking for food in the square. He is a gorgeous, mainly white tom, REALLY friendly (he even let me pick him up) and very hungry. He was begging from the customers in La Plaza until I gave him some biscuits in the middle of the square. We will look out for him over the next few days, and I will try and find someone to take him in so that we can check for a chip and decide what is best for him.

I know that strays can be a problem, particularly in the restaurants, but some of them ARE recently abandoned, and these poor animals if very hungry, will keep coming back until someone gives them some food.

Anyway, here’s hoping I have some better news of our little kitten over the next few days.


7 thoughts on “First Rescue Of 2009

  1. Mary

    Totally empathise with your thoughts on the strays and I look forward to hearing how you get on with Begonia this evening. Wish I had a big garden as I would happily let the lot of them stay. Are you thinking about a name yet for the kitten or are you waiting to see what his chances are first?

  2. Chris


    Think the cat in the square should pick another cafe, one with more people for a start 🙂

  3. Sands Post author

    Kitten will probably have the name Bono for Bonito and U2! Cat in square ate lots of my biscuits and then actually did move to Coleta!!!

  4. Pam Roberts

    It is a full time job trying to syringe food into this little fellow, as I type this he is climbing up my back purring away – he is very affectionate and VERY hungry. He is managing to snuffle some liquidised food up but I am still trying with the syringe.He has another anti-inflammatory and antibiotic injection tonight and tomorrow night and hopefully we will soon see some improvement.He is very lively and into everything and my 3 cats are lurking behind the computer room door hoping to catch a glimpse of him.If he cannot open his mouth fully by Monday evening when we take him back to Begonia I dont know what we will do as he is a beautiful cat and we wouldnt have any problem finding him a home in Germany when completely well.Like Sandra I cannot understand how people can just abandon their cats – this one has definitely had human contact – when we picked him up on the rocks he just ran to Sandra, up he came and into the cage – no problem at all, he snuggles down in his bed and uses the litter tray so I am sure he has been thrown out because of his problem.I hope I can tell you that there is a big improvement tomorrow.

  5. Chris

    Patience is a virtue!!!

    Have you tried massaging his jaw, cheeks, chin etc to see if you can losen up any muscles that may be cramped?

  6. Pam Roberts

    No I am not messing around with his mouth – will leave well alone until Begonia sees him on Monday BUT there is an improvement Mary got lots of smoothie food down him tonight plus lots of milk and we think there is an improvement with his mouth – the food and milk are not streaming out of his nose now and he is not sneezings whilst swallowing – so looks like there is hope for this little fellow.He has just had his last lot of medicine and a drink and its bed for all of us.

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