Fleur Our Injured Kitten

Fleur is for now my foster kitten, since I rescued her from a walled garden on Thursday evening. She is about 6 weeks old and is delicate and beautiful.

I was having a drink with friends when I got a distressed call from somebody who had gone to check on one of their properties, and found one, they thought very sick, kitten and what looked to me like the remains of another.

Fleur was actually quite easy to catch, but initially I had no idea whether she was very feral or quite tame. She allowed Chris and I to stroke her head but kept hissing at us. By Friday morning I had decided that she wasn’t a biter, and when she rolled on her back to have her tummy tickled, and started purring, she completely charmed me.

I had noticed when I was trying to catch her that she was running on 3 legs, and putting no weight on her back right one. Miguel, the vet at the protectora, confirmed on Friday morning that she has a broken femur and some damage to her hip. Tomorrow she will have an operation at his private clinic in Almeria, and we are hoping for the best.

He did asked me if I wanted to do this as she is a little street cat, but I decided that she deserves her chance of a happy life.

In the 40 or so hours that she has been with us she has changed so much that I am sure she is not ill at all, apart from her leg and a slight eye infection. When I picked her up she was dehydrated and very hungry. Since then she has been eating everything I put in front of her and drinking lots of organic cat milk sent from Germany.

She is actually now desperate to play, and keeps trying to escape from my lap when I am cuddling her. For now she is in a big cage and we are trying to restrict her movement, until her leg has been treated. I find it hard to watch her trying to put any weight on her injured leg, having myself seen her X-ray.

Tomorrow things will be clearer and I hope for some good news on her chances of a full recovery. In the meantime she is a welcome visitor, with Mori and Oscar taking it in turns to lie on top of her cage. Mori has already given her nose taps, and I think is a little confused as to why she has not come out to play, and Oscar is much happier now the door to HIS study is back open.

We will look after her. She is our little flower. Enjoy the photos and video!

Baby Fleur

Baby Fleur

Baby Fleur

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