Forced to live in tiny cages their whole lives, these hens only know pain and suffering

Spanish Supermarket Consum Still Uses Eggs From Hens That Spend Their Whole Life in a Cage!

Consum, a Spanish supermarket chain worth billions of dollars, can’t seem to find the resources to end animal suffering in its supply chain. The corporation continues to use eggs from hens that suffer in tiny, cramped, dirty cages for their entire lives.

In several investigative reports, animal welfare organization Equalia has proved the enormous consequences of egg production from caged hens. Crammed into spaces as small as the equivalent of a sheet of paper, chickens cannot stretch their wings, investigate their environment, or perform their natural behaviors.

In addition, cages pose an unnecessary risk to public health. According to a report by the European Food Safety Authority, farms that confined hens in cages had a higher risk of contracting diseases such as salmonella.

While other supermarkets such as Carrefour, Auchan, or Aldi have committed to stop using eggs from caged hens as a ingredient of their own-brand products, Consum has not.

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