Foster Cat Poppy

Poppy travelled to Germany on the last transport, and is still awaiting her forever home. These are the latest photos of her in her foster home.

She is looking very contented, but apparently doesn’t like the male cats in the house, and has been going for them, and also at times her poor foster Mum! This is not really Poppy’s fault as she had a very tough time out on the streets, and is understandably still a little nervous.

A new foster home has been found where Poppy can be an only cat, which will be much better for her. She will move soon. For now though life doesn’t look TOO tough!!

Poppy In Germany

Poppy In Germany

Poppy In Germany

Poppy’s story is a very sad one. She is now about 6 and for most of her life, from a small kitten, she lived in a English family, and was remembered as a sweet, happy, affectionate cat. Earlier this year life changed dramatically for Poppy, when she was just left behind when her family had to return to the UK!

She was found weeks later, starving and very afraid, by an English neighbour who fortunately for Poppy, recognised her when they came back to stay in their holiday home. These kind people took her to the PAWs cattery where she has spent the last 4 months.

It always amazes me why people think a tame cat who has always been fed and loved, will adapt easily to the streets and fend for itself. Poppy seemed quite traumatised when she first arrived at the cattery, and we think, from her reaction to other cats, had had a hard time from the more feral strays.

Now we are all hoping a permanent home alone can be found for her soon, where she can finally settle again, and get the love and security she needs to rebuild her confidence.

Poppy In The Cattery

Poppy In The Cattery

2 thoughts on “Foster Cat Poppy

  1. Anke

    Today Popp died by a car. Her mum is endlessly sad and me too. She had some very lucky last years here in Germany. Good bye Poppy we love you.

  2. pauline wright

    So sad for your loss,she had a lovely home and was so loved.Paulinexx

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