Four wolves were shot to death in the zoo where they were being held captive

In December of 2021, nine wolves tried to escape their small enclosures at Trois Vallées zoo in France. Four were almost immediately shot dead. Imprisoning animals in enclosures that cannot even keep them safely inside, then murdering them when they exhibit the wild behavior that is natural to them, is pure cruelty. But this is what happens when you run a zoo with little concern for animal welfare or safety — innocent animals end up dead. 

After all, this isn’t the first time Trois Vallées zoo’s practices have come under public scrutiny. In fact, just over a year ago, the zoo was ordered to close over animal, staff, and visitor safety concerns due to “security breaches,” but a court order allowed it to reopen. Clearly the zoo hasn’t taken the necessary steps to improve the safety or wellbeing of its animals. Four dead wolves shows us that. Sign now to demand Barbara Pompili, France’s Minister of the Ecological Transition, permanently shut down the Trois Vallées zoo!

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