France must ban bullfighting now!

Recently, France took the important step of banning wild animal circuses and mink farms, both terrible industries known for their violent cruelty towards animals. But so far, the French government has done nothing to stop bullfighting, which is an equally horrendous form of animal abuse. Why should bullfighting be exempt from these new anti-cruelty laws, when we know it is one of the most violent and harmful animal “sports” of all?

This past summer, a French animal welfare organization called the Société Protectrice des Animaux tried to stand up against bullfighting in court. But the court sided with animal cruelty, stating that bullfighting was supposedly “too popular” to be banned in France — which is neither an adequate justification, nor is it true. In fact, nearly three-quarters of French civilians disapprove of deadly bullfighting events. Now that French authorities have heightened protections for animals abused in circuses and on mink farms, there’s no excuse for allowing this sport to continue. If bullfighting is still legal, then so is animal abuse. It’s as simple as that. Sign the petition to demand that the French Parliament take action and ban bullfighting today!

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