05/11/12: Beautiful Frank is one of 5 cats that we have been helping Matt re-home for an English couple who have returned to the UK, taking only their dogs with them. The cats weren’t exactly pets as they mainly lived outside and weren’t chipped or treated in any way. This family lived in the campo and a large number of cats had passed through their garden, or been born there, over a 10 year period. Frank is now about 18 months old, and looks part main coon. Surprisingly it is taking a long time to find a home for this handsome boy. He traveled to a foster home in Germany on the last transport, and Kerstin is hoping he will now find a family quickly. Enjoy all the photos. the most recent ones show Frank arriving in his foster home in Germany and being greeted by Uschi’s VERY sociable male cat Dino. He welcomes everyone!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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