Galgo Abuse In Spain

Dear Chris,

When I first saw this photo I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought, “How did those two get stuck in that strange space?” And then I realized, “They aren’t stuck. Someone put them there. Someone caged them in the small windowsill, two stories up in the hot Spanish sun without food, water or space to sit down.”

Through these photos, you are witnessing the unimaginable cruelty to Spanish Greyhounds that occurs year after year in Spain. This is humankind at our worst.

These fragile, graceful, sweet Greyhounds desperately need you to see them. They need you to save them from cruel and gruesome abuse. Stopping this brutality and torture is up to you and me.

No one with even a hint of compassion could sit idly knowing what’s happening to these poor animals. That’s why I believe with all my heart that you will donate right now. You will donate to help us rescue them from unspeakable brutality delivered by humans who are so black-hearted that they abuse for “sport.”

In Spain, where hunters use Greyhounds as tracking dogs, it is tradition to raise, cruelly train, and brutally murder Greyhounds. They are trained to hunt hare in the fields of Southern Spain. Each hunter doesn’t just have one or two dogs, they have 15-20 per season. With 300,000 hunting licenses issued each year in Spain, this means millions of dogs are suffering.

Tradition and apathy compels these hunters to use terribly cruel methods of training including tying their dogs to the back of their truck and driving at speeds as high as 35 MPH for miles on end. Forcing these gentle dogs to run without rest, or else be dragged. But it doesn’t end there, after dogs are deemed underperforming in the field, hunters are known to beat them and leave them for dead, or hang them, or even shove a metal bar in their mouth so that their jaw is held open and the Greyhound cannot eat or drink and will slowly starve to death wandering the countryside.

I know how upsetting it is to read this. I know how unbelievable it sounds. But I have seen evidence of this cruelty with my own eyes. This shocking abuse is real and it is ongoing.

I know you love animals, and these dogs need you… And you deserve the chance to change their lives by giving right now.

I’ll spare both of us further examples. But you must know that I’m not talking about just a few dogs. Thousands of Greyhounds are being tortured and killed when they are deemed no longer useful for hunting or breeding. Your gift today will support our shelter grant program that provides funding to groups combating cruelty like this all over the world.

These are people on the ground in Spain who devote every ounce of their time and energy to rescuing these poor, innocent victims. They are limited in what they can do by a lack of funding. Every Greyhound rescued needs medical care, food, rehabilitation, and homes. I am begging you to give – to show these sweet, shy animals that caring, loving, kind people exist and will spare nothing to save them. Help me save and place one more abused Greyhound in a loving home, and then another and then another. Please, help me combat this cruelty!

You can make a donation here

With urgency,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

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