Galgo del Sol: New Centre Project

Tina Wales Solero recently posted on the Galgo del Sol Facebook Page an update on a huge project they have undertaken to develop some land to house all their work in helping the Galgo Español, including an onsite Vet Clinic.

In her won words:

So where do we start? It all began back in 2011 when I thought it would be a great idea to set up GDS to help the Spanish galgo. To cut a long boring blood sweat and tears story short finally GDS has a breakthrough. Seriously I cant believe it. An opportunity has arisen where GDS will now have a large plot of land which has already passed its first license to become a legal physical facility here in Spain. OH MY GOD, that is music to my ears. No more running from fincas to fincas getting thru almost 1000 euros in fuel each month and best of all we have plans to build our own vet clinic on site, only those that have visited will know how many hours in the day this will save. Hours saved means more time with the dogs rehabilitating and rescuing as well keeping up to date on those important papers and thank yous! So where do you come in??? Well a kind anonymous generous donor who I just want to grab and give a huge snog right now has offered to help fundraise for the center. For every DOLLAR you donate he will match and triple. Yes go back and read it again? I know I know, you want to snog him also right?!!!! How do we ever say thank you?
Guys we need this center, it will change the future of the galgos here in Murcia. We will be able to rescue so many more, fundraise on sight, educate children on sight, run a volunteer programme and that’s just the start. The potential knows no end and we will be reaching for the stars whilst making huge strides. WILL YOU HELP US WITH THIS FIRST STEP FOR CENTER? Every dollar you donate will be matched and tripled by an anonymous investor. Paypal now and clearly mark your donation for THE CENTRE!!!!!!!! Let’s go go go!!!!!!

For those not on Facebook you can check out their web site here


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