Georgina Loves Emily Cat


Best Of Friends

It seems that Georgina, one of our rescue cats that travelled to Germany in December, couldn’t be happier in her new home! She and Emily (the older cat) appear to have become the best of friends. They are such a cute, and matching couple. Georgina is the one on the left with the little, thin, face, very typical it seems of spanish cats. Isn’t she beautiful?

This is just SO lovely to see. GREAT for both of them.


Best Of Friends


Best Of Friends


Best Of Friends


4 thoughts on “Georgina Loves Emily Cat

  1. Chris

    They look so happy together!!

    Another ‘good news’ story.

  2. Pam Roberts

    If I look back at all the ‘rescue cats’ I have had in my Computer Room it is quite apparent that they all crave love and affection.These photographs are really wonderful showing yet again how ‘our’ cats settle into their new homes very quickly.Georgina had such a sad lonely life before she was rehomed,

  3. Sandra Marshall

    Yes they are wonderful, and she is almost posing so looks very comfortable with whoever is taking the pictures!

  4. Mary

    I think Emily must have been living in Pam’s computer room secretly! She is a BIG cat as I can’t remember Georgina being so very small.

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