Geronimo the sweet alpaca is set to be killed

Geronimo is an 8-year-old alpaca who was imported from New Zealand to the United Kingdom in 2017. Since then, the sweet, curly-haired, jetblack alpaca has been living happily in quarantine on a farm with his owner — until recently when the British High Court ordered his destruction. Euthanasia. Murder. This death sentence comes after two bovine tuberculosis tests administered on Geronimo by the Department of Environment, Food and Human Affairs came back positive. But Geronimo’s owner — who is also a veterinarian — believes that these test results could be totally wrong.

She says that the alpaca had received a tuberculin vaccine prior to testing, which means antibodies in his system could be triggering false positives. On top of that, four separate skin tests were run on Geronimo before he left New Zealand — and all came back negative. Even every single one of the alpacas that Geronimo was transported with tested negative for tuberculosis. It is abundantly clear that Geronimo needs to be tested again, with updated equipment. To kill this happy, healthy, innocent animal before a conclusive answer is found would be a tragedy.

Geronimo’s owner has already lost her last appeal for new testing and a warrant for Geronimo’s slaughter has been signed. His death is “expected to be carried out within 30 days.” We cannot waste any time in the fight for this sweet alpaca’s life. Act now! Tell Environmental Secretary Gearge Eustice to test Geronimo again using a different method and stop this senseless murder!

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