Giraffes are killed, ripped apart, and then the pieces are sold to U.S. consumers

Sign to Demand Giraffes Receive Endangered Species Act Protections So They Are Shielded From The Horror of Their Body Parts Being Bought and Sold As “Trophies” in the United States!

While giraffe populations dwindle, products made from their skins and bones are flooding into the United States. The good news is that the U.S. government has agreed to consider giving giraffes Endangered Species Act protections, which would curb these imports and save countless giraffe lives. The bad news is that the decision deadline is all the way in 2024. We must encourage the U.S. agency to act quickly before the iconic species’ numbers dwindle beyond recovery!

The United States is a top importer and seller of giraffe parts, including heads, feet, tails, legs, and skins. This greed has led to rampant trophy hunting and poaching of giraffes all across sub-Saharan Africa. That means that it is the job of the United States, a country largely responsible for giraffe trade and trafficking, to institute protections for the species before it is too late. From poaching and habitat loss to climate change, the beloved long-necked mammals have had a dwindling population since the 1990s. Only 69,000 mature individuals remain in the wild –- we must act fast!

Sign the petition now to demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service list giraffes under the Endangered Species Act well before the November 2024 deadline!


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