Give Research Dogs and Cats Life After the Laboratory!

You can ensure that research dogs, cats, and other animals are given a chance at a life after the laboratory.

There are nearly 5,000 dogs (mainly beagles) and hundreds of cats used in research labs in the UK. These animals suffer for our chemicals, household products, drugs and academic curiosities. At the end of the research they are killed. Even if they are healthy and could live a long, happy life with a family, they are killed because the labs are not adoption organizations and do not have the resources to look for families.

After all these cats and dogs endure in our name, don’t they at least deserve a chance at a peaceful life?

Every other aspect of their laboratory time is covered by governmental policy (food, water, pain management), but there are no guidelines on what happens when the research ends.

The Beagle Freedom Petition on the Home Office website urges Parliament to address this issue. The law will ensure that laboratories in the UK must offer up these “experimentally-spent” dogs and cats for public adoption through rescue organizations. The lab need only contact the rescue groups who will assume liability, transport, veterinary care, and home placements.

Beagle Freedom Project has demonstrated that this can be done and has rescued over 300 laboratory animals, mostly dogs and cats. All are thriving in their new homes! With your help, and this legislation, more can be saved until the business of animal-testing is no more.

This Home Office petition needs 100,000 signatures of UK citizens to compel Parliament to act. Please sign today and send a very clear message that these ‘research animals’ deserve a life after the labs!.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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