Go where others won’t to save animals

Every pet deserves proper care, but what about the cats and dogs who live in South Africa’s most impoverished neighbourhoods?

The staff of IFAW’s CLAW clinic goes where others won’t and provides regular, dependable medical care to the pets of the poor.

But the future of IFAW’s CLAW clinic is in danger.

Recently, the area around the clinic has been disrupted by violent protests linked to land and housing disputes. These disputes have nothing to do with CLAW, but the violent protest action forced the evacuation of more than 100 sick dogs and cats from the CLAW Clinic.

IFAW worked with partner agencies to find foster care for these helpless animals. You can help make sure that they get the food and care they need in the coming weeks.

In the short term, we need to cover the costs for food, blankets and carriers while these dogs and cats are in other animal centres. We also need to expand the operations of our mobile clinic, since pet owners can’t come to us. In the long term, we will need to find a new location for IFAW’s CLAW Clinic, one where the animals, staff and volunteers will be safe.

If IFAW isn’t there, no one will be there for these desperate animals. Don’t leave these animals to suffer from injuries when we can heal them, to feel hunger when we can feed them, to struggle from loneliness and despair when we can comfort them.

Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the veterinarians, caretakers and volunteers at the IFAW’s CLAW clinic, we have treated and saved thousands of cats and dogs in the past year alone. But now our CLAW Clinic needs you.

Just like these cats and dogs have a dedicated team looking out for them, IFAW has a dedicated team of donors who work with us to care for animals who need us most.

We call them IFAW’s Champions for Animals. By signing up with a monthly gift, you can help IFAW react at a moment’s notice when animals are suffering and need our help.

I am so grateful for your past support for animals. Your generosity has made a difference for animals. With a lifesaving monthly gift, you can do even more. Working together, we can help so many animals that depend on us for the food and care they need. Can I count on you to be part of that dedicated team?

Every day IFAW’s CLAW team goes street-to-street and door-to-door to rescue and treat defenceless dogs and cats. Please join our Champions for Animals Team today, to provide the steady and ongoing support these animals need to survive. Your monthly gift will help ensure that animals in need get life-saving care.

IFAW’s Champions for Animals make a difference for animals all around the world. With your help, we can:

  • Hand-raise orphaned elephant and rhino calves and return them to the wild in India.
  • Provide lifesaving care to orphaned and abandoned bear cubs in Russia.
  • Rush to help animal victims when floods, hurricanes and other disasters strike.
  • Safeguard whales across the world’s oceans.

Without IFAW – without our dedicated Champions – these animals will have no hope. Join us as a Champion, and together we can make a difference in the lives of so many animals.

Thank you again for all you’ve done to help animals.

You can make a monthly donation to IFAW here

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