Goats are confined, impregnated, milked raw, and their babies slaughtered on this farm

An Undercover Investigation Found Horrific Abuses at This Allegedly ‘Ethical’ Goat Farm

An undercover investigation by the Animal Justice Project has shed light on seemingly horrific conditions and instances of alleged animal abuse at a major goat milk brand, Delamere Dairy.

Inside filthy enclosures without any enrichment, goats wallow in misery. Though the facility is surrounded by lush green fields, the farm is zero-grazing — the goats trapped inside can only look out and wish to roam free, but are never allowed that basic right. To make matters worse, goats at Delamere Dairy suffer from an unrelenting breeding process from which their milk is harvested, meaning nanny goats are constantly, forcibly impregnated and then milked raw. Goats with sore udders, unnaturally large pregnancies, and some pregnant goats that were literally immobile were observed.

And perhaps the most horrific of all — the undercover footage taken by this amazing organization caught the “Spring massacre,” during which tiny baby goats were slaughtered in front of their traumatized mothers, some left squirming in pain as they slowly died. Consumers deserve the truth about the products they are buying — there must be a formal investigation into Delamere Dairy. Sign now to tell the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs: investigate these horrific abuses and protect innocent goats!

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