Goldie Cat Photo Update

Recent news about lovely, sweet Goldie is that she is now completely settled in her new home. She was a nervous girl when George and Jean fostered her here and hid under the bed from their own cats. It seems that in Germany she was also shy when the older male cat was around, but now her life sounds perfect as you can read from the following email from Germany.

“Greetings from Goldie !!! she is very well, as you can see…but “funny ” ..she was very shy there !!! untill the day, the old male cat died….she accepted him from the fist day as her boss and loved him…but he was sick ( kidneys ) and she seems to know that…her parents are sure, that he died , as he was sure, that new lovely cats were there for his parents..and that Goldie wanted to show him her respect, when she did not like to be touched when he was around…now that he is dead…she is very cute and sleeps in the bed…young cat with an old heart…:o)
the other cat is leonie from greece, her new friend ! bouth love each other !!!”

Beautiful, Sweet Goldie

Beautiful, Sweet Goldie

Beautiful, Sweet Goldie

Goldie’s new parents fell in love with her as soon as they saw my original photos. I think they were slightly biased as, as you can see from the picture below of their other cat, they love ginger cats!

Best Friend Leonie

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