Good bye Squeak

Yesterday Almerimar lost one of its long-term port cats. This from Pam Roberts:

Yesterday was a very sad day for me – Squeak – the little Siamese Cat who lived by the Banco de Andalucia – had been missing for 5 days.”

My French friend Monique and I finally found her in a terrible state under a car – we managed to drag her out, put her in the carrying cage and I rushed her up to the Vet. Begonia our Vet had closed but took the cat in and gave her a painkilling jab. I went back at the evening surgery and she had examined Squeak.

Begona hought she had suffered a stroke as there was a big problem with her eyes, she had a lot of fur missing from one side of her body and her legs were vey bad. I personally think she had been knocked down by a car – so I made the decision to have her put to sleep.

I have fed her and her best friend – Mono – the little black cat without a tail – for about 4 or 5 years.They were always together – sleeping under cars or on Monique’s boat and both Mono and I will really miss her. She had had a relatively happy little life – always fed and watered by me or my friends and I couldn’t leave her to suffer.

We did sterilise her last year but she wasnt the type of cat to be rehomed as she was totally feral but in the last few years had allowed me to stroke and pet her.

Bye bye Squeak.

1 thought on “Good bye Squeak

  1. Chris

    Very sad to hear, even if the little sod did bite me when she was sterilised last year LOL. She was a very energetic cat for sure.

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