Good News From Germany

I’ve just had the list from Germany of the cats that will leave the cat rescue home in mid-December and it looks like all the strays we took there from Almerimar will be going to new foster homes, which is great news.

Smokey Girl who we picked up in my street and Georgina and Jassa from Villas Blancas have foster homes sorted and so do Carmen and Ferdi who are the remaining 2 kittens from Calle Alcor and the grandkids of my beautiful cat Saidi. I was worried about these 2 as they have had little attention and are still quite wild and nervous of people, but they will go to a good foster home in Germany to be settled down before they find families. This is a HUGE weight off my mind.

Smokey Boy is a doubt for this transport so will probably be with us a little longer, and Freddie, who was also rescued from Villas Blancas is still not a definite as a foster home is still to be found, but I’m feeling very positive that we will successfully get all our cats away. This has been a worry as it looks like Gisela will have to close her rescue home, and December is the last transport planned between her and Germany.

1 thought on “Good News From Germany

  1. Chris

    I wouldn’t give up on Smokey Boy yet ….. he is getting stronger by the day. His fur looks much better, he is putting on weight and I am convinced that he is getting the feeling back in his leg as well ……

    As for the rest, excellent news:-)

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