Gourmet Gold

The cats have dry food primarily which is a bit of a challenge with them being aged One to Fifteen!

All our cats have enjoyed Gourmet Gold (Chicken or Tuna) but they only get it as a treat, or when we need to give them medican.

So at the moment they are all pretty happy as we give Moreno a small amount each day with his YuMove so all the cats are getting a spoonful. Every morning we lock Moreno in the kitchen so he can have his in peace, then we spread the rest (two tins in total) into small dollops then let the cats in – well apart from the Girls (Millie, Fleur and Evie) who have theirs upstairs and Tobi and Dinky who are not all that bothered.

They prefer the paste to the Chunks or Pate for some reason.

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