Groomers must report animal abuse

He Kicked and Threw His Dog, Then Dropped it Off with a Groomer and Hoped Nobody Would Care

Someone outside a pet grooming studio in New Jersey recently witnessed something disturbing. A man pulled up in front of the groomer’s office. He brought his small Jack Russell terrier out of the car. Then he repeatedly kicked the dog and threw it against the vehicle. After that, the man dropped off the poor shaken animal at the groomer’s and acted like nothing had happened. Luckily, the benevolent stranger notified authorities, who confirmed the entire horrific episode via surveillance videos from local businesses. But if this person hadn’t been there at that exact moment, or hadn’t called officials, no one would have been the wiser — and the dog would be in continual danger. That’s why it’s imperative that New Jersey make all pet groomers mandated reporters of suspected animal abuse!

Like veterinarians, pet groomers see companion animals up close and personal. They are some of the few people outside a family or household who really get to see what’s going on with our pets, even potentially uncovering signs of abuse like evidence of cuts, bruises, or injuries. So even if no one else ever witnesses what happens to helpless animals, they can see the telltale signs of cruelty. But if they never tell anyone, those little animals will go right back to the abusive people who hurt them. If groomers were mandated reporters, it would mean that they must report suspected cruelty to authorities, by law. It’s an important way to make sure that animals who are harmed don’t slip through the cracks. Sign the petition to demand that New Jersey create a mandated reporting law for pet groomers!


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