Gruesome fur farming is still legal in much of Europe

Italy Banned Gruesome Fur Farming, But in Much of Europe the Cruel Practice is Still Perfectly Legal

In yet another blow to an inhumane industry that is constantly declining in popularity, Italy has banned fur farming! Pending the expected final approval, the ban would see each fur farm in the country closed completely within six months – saving the raccoons, foxes, chinchillas, and mink within them from a horrific fate. The Italian legislature even set aside money to help local farmers who are involved in the fur industry transition to another form of ranching or agriculture. This is a massive victory for animal rights! 

Sign now to demand the entire European Union ban fur farming!

For decades, animal rights activists have shown the world what fur farming actually means for the animals involved. Animals in the industry are typically born into filthy, tight cages with little to no room to move around. Behaviors like self-mutilation and cannibalism of fellow dead animals are not uncommon in these spaces, where animals are forced to endure both physical and psychological torture. These farms are also bad for the human employees who work there, with multiple COVID-19 outbreaks linked to mink farming.

Italy’s move is a great step and some other countries have outlawed it too. But it is time the entire EU decided enough is enough. Sign if you want gruesome fur farming banned in the EU!

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