Handsome Kimba

30/07/13: Kimba also travelled to Germany on the 12.07 transport, and after a slightly nervous start, he is now doing very well, cuddling on the sofa with his lovely foster Mum.
22/06/13: Kimba is another handsome boy of about 1 year who found the garden of a kind Spanish lady some weeks ago. At first she fed him outside but then after some time Kimba was invited into her house along with the other rescue cats that we are re-homing. He did come to a previous photo shoot but spent the afternoon hiding, as everything was still quite new to him. Last week I was able to get some much better photos, which show that he is not only very handsome but also friendly, and actually just gorgeous! As always we don’t know why he was out on the streets of Almeria alone. Some un-castrated male gets just get lost when they follow the scent of a female in heat, but as we know, a lot are also abandoned. It is also possible that Kimba just didn’t like his home and was looking for a place where he was better looked after. This is the kind of home we will find him now!

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