Happy Anniversary Dusky

Five (5) years ago today we found Dusky on the beach here in Almerimar, when for some reason we went for a walk in the evening, something we were not in the habit of doing!

As fate would have it, not only did we go for a walk, but I chanced to look down as we walked past some new apartments being built and saw this tiny black bundle mooching round.

We picked him up and Sands carried him home, during which time he purred non stop and Sands had decided we were keeping him even before we got him home!

He is the softest, friendliest cat in the world, as far as the the other cats are concerned, and while he is very fond of Sands and I he is not exactly a cuddle monster. These last months he has started coming onto the bed more, and he is forever chatting away and rubbing round our legs – but that is mainly because he loves the dried Chicken treats we give them.

He is best friends with Kasper, but really does get on great with all the cats.

Without doubt he is our Roof Cat as he is first up and last off every day, and tends to wake us up as soon as is day light to remind us that he needs the roof opening!

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