Happy Anniversary Fleur

Today we celebrate six (6) years with beautiful Fleur in our lives. We were in a local bar when Sands got a call about a injured and distressed kitten, trapped in a garden with a dead sibling.

She went to collect Fleur and the following day took her to Miguel, who thought the leg could be saved, but she would need a pin and to be immobile for six weeks!!

So for six weeks we never left her alone, one of us always with her, and she spent hours curled up on our knees. After a week or so she was able to move around and play a little with Moreno (who remains her man!) and Oscar, so by the time she was healed she was obviously staying with her two ‘besties’.

She is still a tad nervous, and was the last to accept the dogs, especially Tigra who is more boisterous than Teo, but she is fine with them both no.

Without doubt the office is her domain hence aka Office Cat, in particular her chair which I have the audacity to try and use when I want to use my computer!!

Not a fan of prawns her treat today will be White Fish.

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