Moreno – The Start Of It All

14/11/11: Today is the 5th anniversary of the start of my love affair with cats. 5 years ago Chris and I decided that we couldn’t leave the beautiful kitten, that we were feeding at the end of our road, outside any longer. We had been traveling a lot, and I think Mori was sent to make a home for us. Chris still had some business trips to make, and I had to agree to stay here IF we gave Mori a home. I agreed to everything! All I knew was that I already loved him, that he was thin and sick and that he was too beautiful and bad at looking after himself to stay on the streets! The rest is history.

Mori is very special but it has to be said hard work, and he comes with a LOT of attitude, as any who have met him will agree. Some are afraid of him, but real cat people accept him for the character he is, and Chris and I just adore him. For the first year it was just the 3 of us, then I adopted Saidi who was supposed to be a playmate, but is possibly we now think Mori’s mother! Next came Orla (sadly only very briefly), but then there was Oscar and team Mori was started, and Chris and I could relax more, while our beautiful boy played with, and chewed, a cat for a change! Fleur and Dusky have followed, and Mori is king of them all, and most of the time of us!

ALL the cats and kittens that I have helped with AlStrays have a big thank you to say to Mori, because he really was the start of it all!!! AND Chris and I have to thank him for making us build a home, which has become a home for 7!

Enjoy the new photos!

Our Beautiful Boy

Our Beautiful Boy

Our Beautiful Boy

14/4/11: Mori is 5 today! Still very playful and youthful and a great ‘big brother’ to our younger cats Oscar and Fleur, Mori, started my love affair with cats.

When we rescued this demanding and beautiful cat from the bottom of our street 4 and half years ago, I knew very little about cats having been brought up with dogs, but my relationship with the street cats had begun. We adopted Saidi (we now think his mother) next, and the rest is history as they say.

The close to 300 hundred cats that AlStrays has helped over the past 3 years all owe some debt of gratitude to this magnificant boy! He IS rather selective about whom HE loves as visitor to our apartment will testify, and he is very good at letting people know when they are not wanted! but Chris and I love him completely. He is OUR Mori!

Chris took this new photo of him yesterday, exploring a large plastic bag! He is definitely a character!!!


8 thoughts on “Moreno – The Start Of It All

  1. Anke

    Congratulations Moreno,

    you did a good job πŸ˜‰

  2. Jenny

    Happy Birthday Mori! Hope you get some delicious treats!!

  3. Pauline Wright

    Happy birthday to you all.Yes he is lovely,I am so glad you fell in love with stray cats and long may you continue to help them all.My colony had 7black cats when I discovered them.One gave birth at my home such a good mother.One I kept.Now have a stray male big boy on our site that no one wanted Paws had him neutered he is adorable but nervous.I have now got a beautiful female kitten collected from vets who is lucky to be alive.These black cats are lovely but all have personalities of their own.Well done keep going.Love Paulinexxx

  4. martina

    happy birthday mori ! thanks for creating such a wonderfull organsation around you and sandra and chris :o) my cat lukas did the same here …so you bouth are the REAL stars ! thansk for everything and all there in spain : go on with this great job ! itΒ΄s a pleasure to work with you !
    all the best martina

  5. Chris

    Still without doubt the most handsome loveable cat of them all ….. and a little sod as well xxxxxx

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