Happy Xmas From Smokey & Nino

19/12/10: This is a Xmas message from Smokey (Girl) and her boyfriend/brother Nino. They have now been together for almost a year, and it is 2 since since our Smokey Girl set off for Germany.

“Smokey and Nino would like to thank everybody who helped them towards their lovely life.”

It is great that their new family keep in touch with fantastic happy photos of their beautiful cats.

Action Girl Smokey

Brotherly Love

Polar Explorer Nino

Snow Princess Smokey

04/04/10: This is an Easter message from Beautiful Smokey Girl and her handsome boyfriend Nino.

She is very happy and hopes you are all having a great day too.

Happy Easter to all the helpers and supporters of Almerimar Strays!

Smokey Girl & Nino

1 thought on “Happy Xmas From Smokey & Nino

  1. Ashley

    Very nice picture, but tell me, what is it this Easter, like, a cat a cat, just sitting in a relaxed posture, with a very elegant look, and look into thecamera lens, I think it was necessary to add some sort of plot.

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