Happy Jasper Cat

Katze 058

A Very Contented Jasper

Great photos from Germany of lovely Jasper in his new home. He was one of the 5 abandoned kittens that we rescued from the rocks just after Xmas, and travelled to Germany in March. I had a really soft spot for this little man as he was SO sweet natured.

When I first saw him he was holding up his front left leg, which our vet confirmed was broken, so the little darling had to have a big caste for 2 weeks. He managed brilliantly, rushing around on it and bashing balls, and every time he was at the vet he was a brilliant patient.

I think if little Oscar hadn’t come along, I would have tried to persuade Chris to give Jasper a home. It is therefore particularly lovely for me to see him looking so happy. He has a great home for a cat, in a house with a garden, and in a country setting. A perfect life for this special chap, who is now not so little and looks fantastic!

Katze 069

A Very Contented Jasper

Mama 017

A Very Contented Jasper

Mama 021

A Very Contented Jasper

Mama 025

A Very Contented Jasper

3 thoughts on “Happy Jasper Cat

  1. Chris

    He would have been very welcome, but by the looks of things is a very happy chap indeed in his new home, and Oscar is happy he is here!

  2. Jenny

    Jasper! – oh boy, a perfect home for a perfect cat! Such a joy to see fotos of him looking so happy and contented,in beautiful condition and so fit and healthy!

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