Harvey & Greta – Settled At Last

I last wrote about Harvey & Greta in September, with photos of them in their foster home in Germany. It has taken from June to January this year to find them their forever home together.

These 2 beautiful cats are a brother and sister from the rocks here, and we were always determined to keep them together, which is why it has needed new parents who wanted 2 big cats. Now Greta in particular needs time to settle, after having spent several months in 2 different foster homes. She is the more nervous of the 2, and whilst enjoying strokes is still hiding a lot of the time. I am wondering if this is partly due to her life from a kitten here. Both these 2 were used to spending a large part of their day actually underneath the rocks.

I hope in time she will get out of this habit, and be more comfortable exploring her new surroundings. For now, however, things seem fine, as you can see from these new photos, and their new parents are young and understanding.


Harvey & Greta


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