He beat a helpless cat until its paws were broken and bloody

Awful, and he needs kicking out of his job and straight into prison!

As we all know, usually police departments resist arresting one of their own unless they are forced to do the right thing. That’s why it’s such a huge deal that the Tampa Police Department recently arrested a Sheriff’s Office deputy from Pasco County, Florida on a charge of felony animal cruelty. It all started with an argument between the deputy and his girlfriend about her cats. It ended with him murdering one of her beloved companion animals. It’s also no secret that police often protect their own. So it’s up to us to bring on the public pressure and insist that officials do their jobs here to protect animals and the public from abusers like this man.

According to police, Harris’s girlfriend came home to find her 3-year-old cat Axel hiding inside his crate, shivering from fear. She noticed that his little paws had toenails that were bloody and broken. When she tried to get him to stand up, he could not support himself on his hind legs. Tragically, poor Axel died from his injuries. A necropsy on Axel showed that he suffered from horrible torture before his death. Evidence suggests the cop actually stomped poor Axel to death, causing bruised internal organs and hemorrhaging. Research also shows that domestic abuse and animal abuse often go hand in hand. So this cop is not only a danger to pets — he’s also a danger to humans. Sign the petition to demand that authorities prevent this man from ever owning animals again, and to prosecute him to the full extent under the law.

1 thought on “He beat a helpless cat until its paws were broken and bloody

  1. Christine

    I have shared this disturbing petition. Arresting this monster was a good start. He had no right to hurt this poor cat. As a cat mom, this enrages me! He needs to be fired and killed or at least sent to prison so the inmates can stomp on this hateful monster! If I lived in Tampa or was even visiting that area I would love to have rescued these cats from that household. I just wish that cat mom would have taken her cats with her when she left — temporarily and housed them with a friend or a rescue. This really breaks my heart.❤️?

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