He cropped dogs’ ears with NO pain medication

Man Accused of Cropping Dogs’ Ears Without Any Pain Management!

A Florida man has been accused of cropping his dogs’ ears while they were fully awake and posting videos of the “procedures” to Facebook. Ear cropping is already a form of unnecessary mutilation for purely selfish and aesthetic purposes that does not benefit dogs in any way. But by not administering anesthetic before trimming the dogs ears, this person was clearly engaging in textbook animal abuse. 

Sign now if you agree that ear cropping is harmful and unnecessary! Pledge that you will not crop your dogs’ ears! 

Imagine going in for surgery and being completely awake with no numbing medication used on you — it would be absolutely horrifying, and one of the most painful things you ever experienced. That’s exactly what happened to these innocent dogs. While this is an obviously egregious case of animal abuse, we can all help protect dogs by pledging to never mutilate them in this way. Sign now to pledge that you will not crop your dogs’ ears!

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