He dragged two pups against the asphalt until they died

This has to be a prison sentence! This Man Dragged Two Dogs to Death Behind a Vehicle for Three Miles. Demand Justice!

In North Carolina, a man is accused of perpetrating animal abuse so gruesome, many of us will shudder at the image. Allegedly, he tied up two dogs and brutally dragged the animals behind his vehicle along the road for approximately three miles. A resident later found both dogs dead, lying discarded on the side of the road after the fatal dragging. Authorities have arrested the suspect, and he faces up to five years in prison. However, while the intention behind this possible punishment is good, unfortunately such penalties are likely insufficient to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

The sad reality is that simply forcing this man to pay a fine and making him sit in jail will not prevent him from doing this again to other innocent animals. If he can still own pets again, and can still operate a vehicle with which to drag animals, how effective could these penalties possibly be? We must encourage Halifax County to get this person access to the counseling they clearly need and make sure that they cannot put animals lives at risk ever again. It’s imperative that officials prevent him from having the means of harming pets, and access to those innocent beings. Sign the petition to tell Halifax County it must revoke this man’s license and ensure he can never own animals again! He should also be mandated to attend counseling, as this abnormal and violent behavior must be healed before it escalates.

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