He got caught abusing a dog and was allowed to keep his other dogs

When someone is convicted of child abuse, we put limits on their ability to access all kids, not just the one they got caught abusing. So why is it different for animals? Case in point: just recently, a man in Boynton Beach, Florida abused one of his three dogs on camera and the authorities only removed that single dog from his care. Yet he still has two others that are undoubtedly in danger. Sign the petition to demand local authorities remove all dogs from his care!

The horrible incident was caught on tape by a photographer who donates her time photographing animals at local rescues to help get them adopted. An unfamiliar dog who turned out to be 2-year-old Adi, a Pit-Lab mix, approached her. Then came the dog’s owner, storming towards the sweet [u[, who cowered from him. The man then began beating Adi again and again. Luckily, Adi was taken from him after this. But he still has two other dogs who are unddoubtedly in danger!

Sign the petition to ask that all animals are removed from this abusive man’s care immediately!

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