He killed this family’s beloved dog in cold blood

Would like to say I was surprised and this was a one off …..

Cops Shot This Family’s Dog in the Head, But Authorities Are Investigating the Family Instead of the Killers

Gunner’s parents described him as a “curious little puppy” when he was younger, and “the biggest lovable goofball” by the time he reached 15 months old. His family often let Gunner and their other dog Rider relax in their yard, safely fenced in so they wouldn’t wander away. But that all changed one day, when some unnamed passersby opened the family’s gate just for the heck of it. The day ended with Gunner dead — after police shot the pup directly in his head.

Gunner became curious and started to explore the neighborhood. His human parents noticed he was gone and began worrying, looking for him everywhere. He ended up in the yard of a nearby family, who called the police — in the hopes that officers would helpfully escort Gunner back to his family, safe and sound. Instead, three officers showed up together. They cornered him in the neighbor’s yard, where they shocked him with a taser, then caught his head in the loop of a capture pole. As he lay on the ground, wagging his tail, one cop pulled out the gun. He aimed at Gunner. Then he pulled the trigger.

The police have tried to claim they murdered Gunner “as a last resort,” yet the neighbor who called them disputes their claims that Gunner was a threat. She states that he was never aggressive or violent, and her family was inside away from him the whole time. For months, police resisted sharing their bodycam footage from that day. But now video evidence is finally confirming that Gunner never threatened anyone. Despite all this, the city of Lebanon has announced it has no intentions of investigating the officers involved. Instead, it is investigating Gunner’s family! Sign the petition to demand that Lebanon, Pennsylvania officials drop their investigation into Gunner’s family. They must instead immediately fire the murderous cop who killed an innocent, happy dog for no reason!

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