He poured boiling water on a dog, beat a cat to death, and so much more

A Former Town Official in Connecticut Has Been Torturing or Killing His Girlfriends’ Pets for Years

First, Raymond Neuberger went after his fiancee’s two sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniels; he poured boiling hot water all over Thor, and broke many of Charlie’s ribs. 

Years later, he was left alone with the cat his girlfriend owned with her roommate; poor Pearl the kitty ended up with chemical burns so severe, you could see her muscle in some places and her entire tail had to be amputated. Then, he beat his girlfriend’s other cat Gem to death during a domestic abuse incident. And just this year, he has been arrested for chemically burning another partner’s cat. 

Domestic abusers often threaten, hurt, or kill animals as a form of control over their human victims. If this man has tortured and murdered this many animals, how many more is he capable of harming? And how long until his victims are human? We must demand that the Fairfield Police Department finally stop this animal torturer in his tracks. Sign the petition to ban him from ever being in possession of or alone with animals ever again!

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