He violently attacked his dog, but still gets to keep her

Zac Brooks had been attacking his dog for weeks. Kicking her, dragging her, and throwing heavy objects like blocks of wood at the poor, helpless pooch. He even kept her locked outside in the garage in freezing cold weather without any food or water at all. Finally, a kind-hearted neighbor had enough. He took videos documenting Brooks’s cruelty and violence and sent them to police in Waukee, Iowa. But police didn’t think what Brooks was doing was all that wrong, and gave him a second chance.

Officers tried to explain away their extremely suspect decision by claiming they couldn’t observe any obvious external injuries on the beaten dog. But they didn’t even take her to any veterinarians to get her properly checked out for internal injuries! Despite that, they’ve decided the only thing Brooks is guilty of was a misdemeanor animal neglect charge, so he’s getting off nearly scot-free. On top of that, he was allowed to keep the dog he’s been abusing. Local city council members say one of the problems is that the state needs to pass stricter laws in defense of animal welfare. Demand that Iowa strengthen its animal protection laws and take action against Zac Brooks, a known animal abuser!

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