He’d let dogs freeze and broil to death outside

The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act passed through the Texas State Senate and House of Representatives with strong support from both Democrats and Republicans alike. This bill would have strengthened the state’s currently vague and lackadaisical laws against animal cruelty when it comes to pets being left outdoors in the scorching, broiling heat or freezing cold. So why did it fail to become law? Because one man, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, chose to veto these protections for our furry friends and companion animals.

This bill is simple common sense. When our household companions are outside, several basic needs must be met: food, water, shelter, appropriate and comfortable collars, and also tethers to keep them safe. Yet every year, poor pups are left without these provisions and unfortunately, die or sustain injuries as a result. But Governor Abbott’s priorities don’t include dogs’ welfare. He’s more concerned that writing safeguards into law would be “micro-managing.” The bill that Abbott killed on arrival would have also helped shelters reunite microchipped pets with owners, and assist homeless dogs in finding forever homes. That’s why we’re urging the Texas State Legislature to take matters into their own hands and exercise their legal right to override Governor Abbott’s veto! Sign the petition and ask them to pass the Safe Outdoor Dog Act with a two thirds majority today!

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