Help ban bullfighting at the largest arena in the world

Mexico City is home to the largest bullfighting stadium in the world. In this plaza, tens of thousands of people can all pack in together to watch a human egg on a maimed, drugged animal until it reaches a killing frenzy — only for that same human to stab the animal to death. It’s no surprise then that the municipality is also considered one of the biggest epicenters for this grim entertainment, which held its first event for the “sport” back in 1526. But that could all be about to change, because animal lovers in Mexico are raising their voices to say “No More!”

Earlier this month, lawmakers in the capital city responded to the rising popular sentiment against bullfighting by proposing a bill that would ban bullfighting within Mexico City entirely. Spain, Ecuador, and multiple states within Mexico have already banned bullfighting, with France poised to potentially follow suit as well. For Mexico City to join the movement would be a huge boon for animals — and help spell the death of bullfighting worldwide. Sign the petition to stand with animal rights supporters in Mexico City and demand the local government ban this gruesome “sport!”

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