Help save 80 cats and kittens! Hotel manager vowed to KILL THEM AS FAST AS HE COULD!

When a new hotel manager in Zimbabwe threatened to poison an entire colony of street cats who lived in the hotel car park, a kind-hearted cat lover stepped in to try to save them from death.

The previous manager was a cat lover, so he and the hotel staff fed and looked out for the 25-strong colony.
BUT the new manager was having none of it and, cold-heartedly, declared he would kill them all as fast as he could.
Valda Cohen, a kind-hearted woman, refused to let that happen!

She transported the cats to her own home, where they settled down using a derelict tennis court as a base for foraging in the area. Most of the cats were pregnant, and today, the colony has grown to number 80. Valda has devoted her whole heart and her home to the cats. She has even converted the tennis court into a playground for them, using objects salvaged from a scrapyard and donations – to provide shelter and give them a place to play. The cats are safe and secure in their new home, but it can’t last without help.
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Valda is not a rich woman, just a caring one, and she simply can’t afford to look after 80 cats, and so she reached out to Network for Animals. With food prices climbing in Zimbabwe and economic chaos increasing, it is desperately important to provide the cats with food, medical care and sterilizations. The cats need our help!
No one else is stepping up to help.
Without people like Valda, ALL OF THE CATS WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD. Without you, many of the cats could still die.
The path is clear: Zimbabwe is in an economic and COVID-19 meltdown; local people do not have the money to help, and so, unless we can assist, many of the 80 cats could starve and die. Chris, you know we would never turn our back on animals in need, and we have pledged to help as much as we can. Our long-term goal is to rehome as many of the cats and kittens as possible.

We have already sent $1,000 (£720.00) for immediate food aid. There are 10 kittens, four mothers and three males who need immediate sterilization, and all 80 need vaccinations against deadly diseases.  

Our vision, what we plan (and it must happen quickly), is a field hospital for cats – so we can get them all well-nourished, healthy and sterilized and then, hopefully, find them homes. To achieve this, we must raise $5,000 (£3,600) – with that, we can fast-track the project.  

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