Help us give lost cats a chance at reuniting with their owners.

Microchips reunite: Sign Cats Protection’s petition to make microchipping compulsory for owned cats

Please sign Cats Protection’s petition calling for compulsory microchipping of owned cats across the UK to help reunite missing cats with their owners.

Across the UK 32% of owned cats are not microchipped. Cats roam and may become lost but a microchip gives a lost cat the best chance of being safely reunited with their owner.

Cats are independent and curious creatures and some have been known to hop into lorries and become lost hundreds of miles away from their home! Microchipping is the best way of ensuring these lost cats can be returned home to their loving families.

Microchipping is the safe and permanent method of identification. Unlike collars, microchips don’t come off, or put cats at risk of collar-related injuries.

8 out of 10 stray cats that Cats Protection’s UK centres take in are sadly not microchipped. This means that many owners may never know what happened to their beloved pet and we often have to find new homes for cats that could have easily been reunited with their families if they were microchipped and the chip details kept up to date.

Microchips also provide closure to owners whose cats have been victims of road traffic accidents. Knowing the fate of their cat allows owners to grieve for their beloved cat.

Compulsory microchipping of dogs is already in force across the UK. Please help us to ensure cats are treated fairly and have the same chance as dogs of being reunited with their owners if they go missing.

Cats Protection needs your help to ensure that more cats can be reunited safely with their owners if they go missing through the introduction of compulsory microchipping, please sign our petition now!

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