Her car ran out of gas, so the dogs cooked to death

When a business owner left her two beloved dogs locked in a car near St. Louis, Missouri, she knew it’d be a hot day — with temperatures soaring above 90 degrees Fahrenheit — so she tried to plan accordingly. While she attended a training seminar, she left her keys in the car with the vehicle running, so the air conditioning could flow and keep her pups safe and cool. But during the hour-long lecture, her car ran out of gas. The engine shut down. And the chilled air shut off. By the time she returned, her trapped and helpless animals were both dead — broiled to death.

Leaving animals alone in a locked car is never okay — not even with the car on and the air conditioning running. But even more importantly, if something like this does happen, good samaritans should be empowered to save these animals’ lives and rescue them before it’s too late. Unfortunately, though, that’s completely illegal in Missouri. Other states are stepping up and passing “hot car” and “Right to Rescue” laws to protect civilians who help these fur babies, and they’re putting Missouri to shame. It’s time for the state to show that it values the lives of our companion animals. Demand that Missouri pass its own laws to save dogs before more of them cook to death this summer in hot cars!

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