High-tech cat feeder uses facial recognition to save all nine lives

No we haven’t got one. No we wont be getting one. But I was intrigued by this hight tech cat feeder that I read about on engadget

Our four-legged friends have a habit of not eating when something ails them. However, if you’re at work all day, you may not pick up on the lack of appetite until it’s too late. Well, there’s a smart cat feeder with built-in facial recognition that’s looking to lend a hand. Bistro is a high-tech feline food and water hub with sensors that monitor consumption. There’s the requisite camera to distinguish between members of your in-home pack and the furry creatures stand on a scale that measures their weight while eating. All of the collected data is beamed to a smartphone app to keep you abreast of the activity while you’re away for your “quantified cat.”


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