His poor dog limped slowly after her horrific beating

How can people get away with this! He Beat His Dog With a Mallet Until She Could Barely Stand or Move

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested after a neighbor reported him for possibly hitting his dog. But when authorities arrived, they discovered the situation was much worse. In addition to hitting his dog, the man had actually beat the poor animal — with a large wooden mallet. Authorities had to search for the dog to even find her — eventually discovering the abused animal in the backyard, laying on the dirt up against the property’s fence. They urged the animal to approach. But her owner had beaten her up so badly, the loyal pit bull could barely lift herself upright or walk.

Officials have since arrested Tulip’s former owner on charges of felony-level animal cruelty. He’s even admitted to his crime. But will that truly stop him from abusing other pets in the future? This man should also be banned from ever owning or living with pets again — and additionally, the state must mandate mental health counseling. Perpetrators of violent crimes need immediate emotional intervention to ensure their psychological states do not worsen, escalating into even more intense crimes. Sign the petition to tell authorities in Oklahoma to ban this animal abuser from living with dogs or other animals ever again. They must also require him to commit to long-term, intensive mental health treatment to heal his violent behaviors!

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