His puppy was disemboweled

She Disemboweled His Dog. Then She Told Him, “You’re Next.”

A young man in Miami-Dade County arrived home to a horrific scene: his cherished puppy was found brutally disemboweled in the bathroom, with the killer standing in his bathtub. She then threatened him, “you’re next.” The person who committed the gruesome crime has been charged, but they clearly need counseling as well. 

Sign now to urge Miami-Dade authorities to ensure the perpetrator is provided with comprehensive counseling and prohibited from owning animals in the future! 

We have a responsibility to safeguard other animals and people from such traumatic experiences. Anyone capable of intentionally inflicting harm on an animal in this manner should be barred from owning animals in the future and must receive counseling to address their violent tendencies. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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