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HOVAR are delighted to announce that they have signed an agreement to use ALStrays Transport exclusively to transport their re-homed dogs to the UK.

“This year we have transported 50 dogs which we have re-homed to the UK and an additional 70 for other organisations”, said Sam Jackson co founder of HOVAR. “While we are proud of this achievement the reality is that we were set up to re-home adandonded, abused and rescued dogs, not to provide the transport and with the ongoing financial crisis generating more dogs to re-home and less homes for dogs we need to concentrate all our efforts on re-homing”

ALStrays have established an excellent reputation for their price, service, quality of vans and care for the animals they transport. Both their vans are DEFRA certified and they hold a Type 2 Transporter License from DEFRA for the transportation of animals throughout Europe on journeys exceeding 8 hours.

“Having used ALStrays on a number of occasions throughout the year, and seeing how highly recommended they are, it really was a simple decision for us to make to partner with them once we had made the decision to stop our own transports”, said Jackson.

The agreement means that ALStrays will collect the dogs from the HOVAR kennels in Honden Valley each transport, and deliver them to a number of pre-agreed drop off locations in the UK.

“ALStrays now operate two transports a month to Germany, Holland Belgium and the UK with a combined capacity of 30 cats/dogs to the UK, 20 dogs to Germany, Holland and Belgium and 60 cats to Germany, Holland and Belgium each month, so we are extremely confident that they will always have room for our re-homed dogs”, said Jackson.

Chris Marshall, partner in ALStrays, said of the agreement: “our aim to to try and help as many re-homed cats and dogs get to their new lives as possible. We started out transporting re-homed cats to Germany and this year with the change in the quarantine laws into the UK we added the UK to our schedule. This year alone we have transported over 200 dogs to the UK, 40 dogs to Germany and over 300 cats to Germany, and now we have increased the size of our van and taken on extra drivers we will at least double that in 2013. Deals like this one with HOVAR is something we have been developing for some time, and want to offer to more organisations: by committing their transport to us we are able to give them even better rates and a unique pick up in Spain.”


We rescue animals in distress from Spain and there are many of them in the street, there is no RSPCA and you would truly not believe some of the sad stories we have if you can help in anyway please do
Wherever possible we seek to put the rescued animals in temporary care until through advertising, promotions and word of mouth we find a permanent home for the animal.
Where we cannot find a foster bed or permanent home we seek to take the animal to a responsible and humane shelter for re-homing.
Company Overview
An organisation covering La Romana, The Hondon’s and Aspe. Near Alicante.

We are run by a small number of unpaid volunteers whose sole reason for giving their time is a concern for animals. Funding is gained from events, collection tins and donations from individuals and there is no connection to any other organisation or official body.
Registered as a charity in Valencia. re. no. CV-01-046410-
The committee and volunteers give their time freely but we need your help with the vets, the feeding and other costs involving the rescue and care of the animals.
Our aims:
…. to help lost/abandoned animals (please go to our Lost page for the latest pets being looked for
…. provide medical treatment for those animals when required
…. foster those animals until permanent homes can be found
…. when homes cannot be found ensure they are taken to a responsible and humane shelter for re-homing
If you find an animal in need, in our designated area, either lost or abandoned Tel Colin 676558432 or Sam 689713218 We will arrange to have the animal collected.

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Check out the HOVAR Web site at www.hondonvar.com

About ALStrays

Almerimar Life Strays (ALStrays) is a private project run by Sandra and Chris Marshall to re-home owned, abandoned and strays cats.
We are not ourselves a charity but we work in partnership with registered charities in Spain and Germany. The re-homing project is non profit making. Any money from adoption fees in Germany is used to help cover the costs of vet bills, fostering and transport.
In addition AlStrays runs a commercial transportation service for cats and dogs through Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK.
For detail on the re-homing process click here
For details on the transportation process click here
To contact us please click here

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